Jul. 27, 2018

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to your article in the July 26 edition titled “Council discusses options regarding fireworks laws.”

I voted against Act 43 of 2017, which expanded the types of fireworks Pennsylvania residents could purchase and use. Your article implied I voted for the law, which is not correct.

While this law contained several new tax provisions, one of the main reasons I opposed it was due to the fireworks expansion. My office has heard from numerous constituents on this issue in the past several weeks. I recognize it is very difficult for law enforcement to enforce the new law and would support a repeal. If a change does not gain a majority vote in the Legislature, I urge residents to please be respectful of their neighbors and confine their fireworks usage to times and locations that are not disruptive.

Zach Mako
State Representative
183rd Legislative District